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SF City Guides 40th Anniversary


The City Guides 2018 Megatour

An 8.5 mile tour and trek across the City

DATE: June 9, 2018
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SF City Guides 40th Anniversary


SF City Guides, the official ambassadors of San Francisco, celebrates 40 years of telling the stories of the city. Over 100 people will spend a day with us walking across the city, sharing many of the origins and lore behind this unique, diverse and dynamic metropolis.

During this 8.5 mile walk, we shared:
  • The foundation that lies beneath the old city
  • Civic sandlot cemeteries
  • Origins of the free speech and LGBT movements
  • The demise of freeways that spurred the city's unique urban renewal
  • How cultural institutions came into existence and who supported them
  • The legacy of the 1894 midwinter exposition and fair
This all-day walk is a sampler and expansion of many of our most popular walks, combining historical facts with contemporary stories.

Please dress in layers as we will pass through many of SF's famed micro-climates and be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Lunch, snacks and water will be provided.

Bring a friend, meet a friend. Discover or remind yourself what makes San Francisco, Bagdad by the Bay, the Paris of the West and the Golden City all rolled into one thriving city.

Note that due to the nature of this event, refunds unfortunately cannot be issued.
In the case that you cannot attend the Megatour, $30 of your ticket price will be tax deductible.

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SF City Guides Megatour June 9, 2018

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