Online – The Odyssey of Big Brother and the Holding Company

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As Mick Jagger is to the Rolling Stones and Freddy Mercury is to Queen, Janis Joplin is to Big Brother and The Holding Company. Like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, Joplin is one of the giants of the 60’s music scene. But Big Brother and The Holding Company were far more than a Janis Joplin backup band. The iconic combination of Big Brother’s wailing guitars with Janis Joplin’s heart-wrenching vocals created a unique and mind blowing listening experience.

San Francisco City Guides tour leader Chip Isaac will explore the story behind this ground breaking band and the pressures it faced as Janis Joplin’s star rose. Along the way you will see video of some of the group’s performances, including their triumph at the Monterey Pop Festival.

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