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This program is the second part of San Francisco City Guide’s Mission Murals tour and focuses exclusively on the Mission District’s Balmy Alley, the most famous mural street in San Francisco. Located in the city’s Spanish-speaking neighborhood, Balmy Alley’s first colorful murals date back to the 1970s. Today, the alley is blanketed from end to end with gorgeous and powerful paintings that are constantly evolving. These vibrant images connect to the identity and stories of the local community and beyond, including both political and social protest and uplifting messages. 

In this tour, you will learn about the influences of Mexican muralists, Depression-era mural programs and social unrest in the 1960s-1970s and how these factors influenced American murals today. Then, we will focus on ten murals in Balmy Alley and discuss their symbols, the artists and the historical context behind their creations. Mural themes will be explored including Latino pride, war in Central America, gentrification, immigration, memorials and female activism. Join us to see one of the nation’s most impressive outdoor galleries. Profound in their meaning and fabulously creative, the murals will inspire you! 

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