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The New York Times called the Mission District “eclectic, eccentric, electric.” The area is a veritable outdoor gallery, rich in immigrant history and features arguably the greatest concentration of murals in the nation. Mission Murals, Precita Park to Garfield Square is the first of a two-part series to see some of San Francisco’s most storied murals. You’ll see how the artists express local pride, come together in crises, heal, memorialize and celebrate the lives of those who have shaped the community.  

This online tour will highlight some of the area’s most iconic murals, explain the historical roots of mural making, and make clear the reasons why it’s fertile ground for street art. We will take a quick trip back in time to reveal the origins of murals in general, and specifically those in this neighborhood. Our lenses will be fully sharpened to appreciate nine murals, often a collaborative expression with the community, brilliantly rendered and always memorable. 

After our brief time together, you will understand the meanings of the varied symbols and motifs depicted in these murals and appreciate their profound importance. Murals are walls with voices. You will hear them speak.

This is an online tour.

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