SF City Guide Volunteer Application

Please complete and submit this application form. All questions are required to be considered. If your application is accepted and you have been scheduled for training, a $250 registration donation will be required to cover the cost of lecturers, venues and training materials (scholarships available). The 2020 class is full. The next training course will be be scheduled in early 2021.

Please submit your application below and somebody will reach out to your in mid-2020 to start the interview process.

Volunteer Guide Application - 2021

If you love San Francisco, and are passionate about sharing its history, architecture and lore, consider becoming a volunteer guide with us!
  • Contact Information

  • Interest in SF City Guides

  • During which hours are you available for volunteer assignments?

  • Professional Background

  • Interests and Skills

  • Conditions and Agreement

    Please carefully read these conditions for acceptance into class and indicate your agreement by checking the box provided:

    If accepted as a member of the City Guides training class, I agree to commit my time and attention as a volunteer to further the objectives of the City Guides mission. I understand these objectives to be 1) to preserve and perpetuate the history and folklore of San Francisco; 2) to celebrate the rich history of cultural diversity in San Francisco and its neighborhoods; 3) in the spirit of the San Francisco Public Library, our primary sponsor, to provide this service free of charge to the public.

    Any applicant accepted for training must pay a $250 tax-deductible donation (non-refundable). (This includes: CG Jacket, nametag, clipboard, refreshments, speakers, training and graduation celebration.) Scholarships are available for those with documented need.

    I agree to commit myself to a minimum of 12 scheduled tours per year.

    It is my intention to use the training received to prepare a tour and be available for regular scheduling by no later than 6 months after the end of the training course.

    All gratuities/donations accepted by me as a result of any City Guide tour will be turned over to San Francisco City Guides as a donation to the organization.

    By checking the "Agree" box I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the role of a City Guide volunteer and the requirements of the education and training class as presented above