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City Guides is delighted to offer a selection of tours of people and places that shaped San Francisco as an online experiences. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you on an online tour of the people, places and events that make San Francisco a unique and cosmopolitan city.

Our online tours are live, interactive, narrations throughout the history of San Francisco. Using historical and contemporary images as well as documents and discussion, our guides will lead you through a live discussion. These presentations run around 60 to 90 minutes with the presentation and live Q&A. They are presented via Zoom and can be enjoyed from anywhere around the globe.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the secure Zoom link for the on-line tour. When it is time for the actual online tour, just click on the link to join. See below for our current online tour line up. Please follow the links for more specific tour information and to sign up.

These presentations, like our in-person tours are free, but donations are appreciated.

Please note these online tours are in the Pacific Time Zone.

Our current online tours schedule include:

August Tours

Online Tour: Land’s End: Sutro Heights – August 14th 10:00am

Across the West Coast, there are a few ocean vistas more arresting than Land’s End — a fact millionaire Adolph Sutro was well aware of when he built the first passenger steam train to the park in 1880. The act made him a local hero, allowing the rich and poor alike to experience the dramatic, wind-swept scenery available just outside the city. He wasn’t done there: Sutro transformed the land, adding an elaborate public garden, renovating the quaint Cliff House and constructing the Sutro Baths, a massive swimming facility on the oceanfront.

This online presentation is hosted by Land’s End: Sutro Heights City Guide Breck Hitz.

To sign up, please visit: Online Tour: Land’s End: Sutro Heights

Online – Downtown San Francisco Art Deco – August 17th 7:30pm

In the 1920s, San Francisco was a boom town. There was a building spree, and local architects began to break away from classical designs to explore the modern, sleek style of Art Deco. These buildings perfectly captured the jazzy buoyancy and glamour of the Roaring ‘20s.

Our tour includes six buildings from this period, including the former Pacific Telephone Building with its Chinese motifs, the art-infused former Stock Exchange and Tower, the Egyptian-inspired Shell Building, and a neo-Mayan medical building.

This online presentation is hosted by Downtown Art Deco City Guide Fred Silverman.

To sign up, please visit: Online – Downtown San Francisco Art Deco

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