September: San Francisco’s Summer

Our Favorite Month

Mark Twain never actually said “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco,” but locals know that our summer really starts in September…making it the best time to visit the city. The early fall offers some of the city’s warmest days – not to mention fewer crowds than are here during the summer months. So when “Karl the Fog” takes a vacation, and the sun begins to shine all day all over the city, it’s also the best time for you to take a vacation here, too.

Average temperatures from Labor Day to Halloween are in the low 70s, with occasional days even warmer. The cloudless, sunny skies draw locals and visitors alike to normally chilly Ocean Beach for some sun and recreation on the sand. (But locals also know that the fog can always make a surprise appearance, so dressing in layers is still strongly advised!)

That same weather is just as ideal for walking the streets, parks and hills of the city. So if you visit in September, we invite you to take full advantage of our San Francisco summer by signing up for one – or even a few – of our insightful walking tours. We offer 40 different tours during the month, with tours every day of the week. So, come enjoy the beautiful weather and make your visit to America’s treasured City by the Bay complete by spending time with our fabulous guides!