Architectural Gems South of Market

Neighborhood: South of Market (SOMA)


Join us for a remarkable walk through one of San Francisco’s most interesting and least understood neighborhoods, South of Market.  Tucked between modern architectural marvels (including SF’s tallest building) are testaments to 150+ years of urban evolution. Our walk discusses a unique San Francisco story that is sometimes gritty, sometimes great, but always intriguing.

In less than a mile, our stroll includes a dense and eclectic array of architectural styles —  Victorian Gothic Revival, Beaux Artes, Art Deco, Post-Modernism, and Contemporary 21stc design.  Massive late 20th/early 21stc redevelopment projects transformed multi-block areas South of Market within short time periods, yet past architectural gems have been protected.

Our walk introduces you to a rich urban fabric of old and new dotted with dramatic public open spaces offering unparalleled views of this fascinating urban landscape.

Enjoy a walk that considers the stories, the people, and the architectural and socio-economic history of this remarkable neighborhood – an opportunity only to be found South of Market!

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Please arrive 10 minutes before the walk is scheduled to start.

Tour Length: Approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours



Meet on Yerba Buena Lane between Market St. and Mission St. at the Jewish Contemporary Museum’s “Big Blue Cube”.


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Please note: Private group tours required for groups of 8 or more.