Coit Tower Murals

Neighborhood: Telegraph Hill


Tucked away in an unpainted tower on a hill, one of the greatest works of Social Realist art in America lies hidden away. A set of murals created by 26 of California’s best artists, it documented California life in the 1930s from a socialist perspective: romanticizing workers, illustrating inequality, and sometimes even winking at the Soviet Union. It was controversial, sure. But as a work of art? Nobody could deny that it was stunningly gorgeous.

Discover how Californians lived, worked and played in the 1930s, rendered in an evocative style that’s inspired artists for decades. Climb the stairs to see murals not usually open to the public. See the tower funded by local legend Lillie Coit and hear about how her love for San Francisco manifested in a massive donation to beautify the city. Learn about the passionate “rounds man” who took care of the tower for so many years. Splendid art and rich history — what more could you ask for?

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    Wednesdays & Saturdays at 11AM


    Tour Length: Approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours


    Meet at the main entry of Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill. No parking. Public transportation: MUNI line 39.

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    Please note: Private groups tours required for groups of 8 or more.