We’re Back! (Almost!)

SF City Guides is coming back on July 15!  We’re proud to be the oldest non-profit walking tour group in San Francisco and are premiering a special set of historic and neighborhood tours designed expressly for locals. The new tours, called City Guides Strolls, were created to allow smaller groups to experience a City Guides tour while respecting the city’s health guidelines for safe outdoor gatherings. 

The five strolls combine highlights from some of City Guides’ best-loved walking tours into fascinating, leisurely walks through some of the most popular areas of the city. They will be offered Wednesday and Saturdays. 

Details on the 5 strolls, as well as the links to register, will be posted on Thursday, July 9th.

While most traditional City Guides tours cover just one neighborhood, each City Guides Stroll will take in several neighborhoods, tying their stories together. Because they cover several neighborhoods at once, Strolls will last up to two hours. 

To ensure the health of both walkers and guides, stroll attendance will be limited to 10 people and proper face masks will be required, as will six-foot social distancing. The walks will follow all other health and safety guidelines from the San Francisco Department of Public Health. To see how what steps SF City Guides will be implementing to protect our walkers and guides, please click here.

Strolls will follow a strict no-contact policy, so rather than accepting donations at the conclusion of a walk, people will be asked to donate $15 per person online when reserving their spot. City Guides is earmarking most of that donation to support history education in San Francisco through the Fracchia Prize that City Guides co-sponsors with the San Francisco Historical Society.  

The strolls will be featured for a limited time so hurry and sign up soon. We hope to have our regular tours return soon.