Express Tours

City Guides is thrilled to introduce our new “express tours”. Our fabulous Guides have streamlined a few of our most popular tours into less than hour. We understand that not everyone may have two hours to spare. You may be in town for the day or want to get out of the office and take a walk on your lunch hour. These tours are all 60 minutes or less!

Architecture Downtown – Deeper Dives Express Tour 
This tour will review the development of downtown San Francisco following the earthquake and then take a deeper dive into the history, architecture, and architects of one dimension of the Union Square area. 

For the schedule and to sign up for Architecture Downtown Express Tour, click here.

Gold Rush City Express Tour
An hour introduction to Gold Rush San Francisco. You will get a glimpse of a block and a half of preserved buildings and a few surviving artifacts. Hear descriptive nuggets from first-hand observers, and view illustrations including some of the earliest photographs from this time period. 

For the schedule and to sign up for Gold Rush Express Tour, click here.  

Express – Billionaires’ Row – Gold Coast
The last three blocks of Broadway, known as The Gold Coast, showcase the most expensive mansions in San Francisco. Hear about the exhilarating escapades of the billionaires who found a home here, with plenty of stories that rarely see the light of day. A luxurious ramble along the castles of yesteryear and today.

For the schedule and to sign up for Express – Billionaires’ Row – Gold Coast tour, click here.