Request for City Guides Private Group Tour

Thank you for inquiring about arranging for a private City Guides tour for your group.

Note: This form is for adult tours. If you would like to book a School Tour, we have a page for that.

You may use this form:

  • to submit a booking request if you are ready to do so, or
  • to request additional information.

If you are submitting a booking request, you will need to complete ALL of the items marked with an asterisk. If you are requesting further information, fill out as much as you can.

In either case, before you complete the form below, please review the information on the Private Tours page.

Completing the form below and clicking the “Submit request” button at the bottom of the page will transmit your request to the City Guides office and our volunteer coordinator of special tours.

Group Tour Requirements – No Exceptions

  • Private Group tours are $12 per senior and $15 per adult with a minimum total of $150 ($120 for senior groups). (City Guides sets the donation requirements for its private group tours at this very low level to enable groups of all financial backgrounds to participate while allowing our organization to cover its processing and administrative costs. Therefore discounts below these amounts are not offered.)
  • A deposit of 10 walkers ($150 for adult) must be made prior to your tour date.
  • Please note, we require 3-4 weeks advance notice when planning a tour date.
  • After you submit a request using the form on this page, our volunteer coordinator or someone from the City Guides office will reach out to you within the next 15 days to discuss your tour request.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: 1. If the requestor cancels the tour, then the deposit is forfeited. 2. If in an emergency the guide cannot do the tour, then City Guides will refund the deposit or reschedule the tour. 3. If there is heavy rain or other unforeseen events, the guide will call the requestor and reschedule the tour, or CG will refund the deposit. 4. If the guide is willing to do a tour and the requestor is not, then the deposit is forfeited. 5. After the confirmation letter has been sent, a change of date by the requestor will be considered a cancellation.

Note: Our guides are all volunteers. In some cases, we may be unable accommodate a tour request. The more time in advance and flexibility you have, the easier it is to confirm a tour.

Options are great! More dates = More flexibility