Moments in History

San Francisco City Guide offers a glimpse of Moments in SF History.  

Join guide Renee Berger as she shares a Moment in History of the founding of San Francisco!

Join guide Robert Mills as he shares a Moment in History explaining why the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in 1869, was so significant to San Francisco!

Join guide Jack Grippi as he highlights the significance that the Golden Gate Bridge holds for San Francisco and recounts the only time the bridge’s roadway flattened.

Join Guide Dan McFarland for a Moment in History with SF City Guides, as he explains the history behind Levi’s and their impact on American culture, a prominent stop on his Making Waves on the Waterfront tour.

Join City Guide Carol Scott for another one of San Francisco Moments in History, as she shares the significance of Lotta’s Fountain on Market Street, a prominent stop on her 1906: Earthquake and Fire tour.

SF City Guide Ben Parks shares another one of SFCG’s Moments in History, on how the Audiffred Building was saved from almost certain doom following the 1906 Earthquake.  Ben is a guide for the Embarcadero South: A Turbulent Port tour.